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JWN Sauna 81, saunas durvis, Bronza
JWN Sauna 81, saunas durvis, Bronza
Can be ordered : Piece
Time of receiving:0-3 W.Days
Type of product:Sauna door
Universal size:
Color tone:Dark
Style of doors:Neutral
Filling:Not intended
Decor material:
Glass:Hardened bronze
Glass shape:Fully glazed
Quantity of glass:A lot of
Leaf construction:Plain
Leaf Rebate:Non-Rebated
Opening direction:
Fireproof class:
Leaf width (mm):
Leaf thickness (mm):
Door size (mm):92
Can be customized for metal frame:No
Leaf shortening:Not possible
Platband material:
Platband form:
Rubber sealing:Included / with frame
Included door frame:Wooden - Fixed
Door frame kind:Fixed
Milling:For lock, lock plate and hinges
Supplied with:Leaf, Frame, lock plate, hinges
Decoration direction:No direction
Furniture color:
Leaf carcass:
Leaf side material:
Door width (mm):
Door height (mm):1890
Sound resistance dB:
Quantity: 0€ 112.53
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